FORM Glow Kit

$ 60

This set includes: FORM Fascia Ball FORM Body Beautiful Brush FORM Rose Quartz Gua Sha

5 Business Days

FORM Fascia Ball

Description: Lightweight and compact, this portable ball is small but strong to go deeper into your fascia. It is paired with numerous exercises to make you feel longer than ever before. 

FORM Body Radiance Brush

Description: Sweep away layers of dead skin and awaken your whole body and mind. Our brush fibers exfoliate old layers, preparing your skin for ultimate smoothing and hydration. Use before or after a shower on dry skin. Avoid getting the brush wet. 

FORM Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Description: Ready to lift everything? Our FORM Gua Sha is made out of a Rose Quartz Crystal. Rose Quarts is known to boost beauty and love. Our piece is unique because its sizing works for both the body and face. Adding gua sha into your routine will leave you feeling lifted and radiant from head to toe. 

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